Mini Boomerang With Leds

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Sense of Fascination and Enchantment

The smooth flight and vibrant LED lights create a captivating visual spectacle, immersing you in a world of fun and magic. The feeling of enchantment while controlling the small drone is truly unique.

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Joy and Relaxation

This toy offers an experience of joy and relaxation. Interacting with the mini drone provides moments of relaxation, allowing you to escape everyday worries. The ease of use and engaging fun can create a sense of lightness and joy.

Satisfied customers all over the world

This toy is amazing! My kids can't stop playing with it. The ease of control and the mesmerizing LED lights make each flight an exciting adventure. We are all thrilled with this purchase!

Joana M.

Lisbon, Portugal

I can't get enough of playing with this drone! The sensation of controlling the flight and maneuvers is addictive. The LED lights add an extra touch of excitement to the experience. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun way to pass the time

Carlos R.

São Paulo, Brazil

Increíble juguete interactivo para niños y adultos. La calidad de construcción es excelente, y las luces LED son espectaculares. Lo compré para mi hijo, pero confieso que disfruto tanto como él. Una adición fantástica a nuestra diversión en familia.

Elena G.

Barcelona, Spain


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What's your question?

Yes, the Mini Fingertip Gyro is designed with safety in mind. The propellers are protected to prevent accidents, and the material is durable. However, we always recommend adult supervision during use, especially for younger children.

The propellers are designed to be durable, but if they happen to get damaged, replacements are available. We provide spare propellers in the package, and they can be easily replaced following the instructions in the user manual.

The effective range of the controller is approximately 30 meters. While flying beyond this range is not recommended, the drone's responsive controls ensure an enjoyable and controlled flight experience within this distance.

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