Mirror Phone Holder 360


1. No More Looking Down:

  • The car phone holder is ingeniously mounted on the rearview mirror, allowing for adjustable positioning to keep your focus on the road.
  • Eliminates the need to look down at navigation, ensuring a more comfortable and safer driving experience.

2. One-Hand Operation:

  • Effortlessly adjust your phone to landscape or portrait with just one hand while driving.
  • The four-claw design provides a secure grip, keeping your phone in place even on bumpy roads.
  • Compatible with all cell phones and car models for versatile use.

3. 360-Degree Rotation Adjustment:

  • Enjoy a flexible driving experience with a 360° rotating structure that allows placing your phone in any direction – horizontal, vertical, and more.
  • Telescopic arm length (0-5cm) ensures an unobstructed view while driving.

4. Wide Applicability:

  • Universal design fits all mobile phones and car models, providing a versatile solution for various uses.
  • Ideal for navigation, video watching, calls, live streaming, recording videos, and documenting driving records.
  • Simple yet effective design enhances the user experience.

5. High Quality – No Trace Left After Removal:

  • Crafted from high-quality ABS material with a mellow design, ensuring durability and resistance to deformation.
  • Easy to install and remove without leaving any traces, unlike suction cups or sticky holders that may damage the dashboard or leave unwanted glue marks.

Product information:

Applicable brands: Universal
Applicable models: Universal
Applicable scene: Rearview mirror, trip recorder
Product name: Rearview mirror car mount
Applicable position: Rearview mirror
Product material: Temperature-resistant ABS + nano-PU glue
Product color: Classic black

Packing list:

1*Mobile phone holder


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Universal Compatibility and Versatility

The need for a product that fits different devices and car models is vital. This holder is universal, compatible with all types of phones and cars, catering to the need for versatility and broad applicability.

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Ease of Use and Smoother Driving

The need for a smooth and hassle-free driving experience is crucial. This holder offers ease of use, allowing simple adjustments, rotation, and retraction, contributing to a more relaxed and enjoyable driving experience.

Unique features

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360-Degree Rotatable Design

Achieve optimal viewing angles with a fully rotatable design.

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Quick and Easy Installation

Easily attach to the rearview mirror without tools for swift setup.

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Multifunctional Use

Beyond phone holding, it offers extra storage for items like pens or sunglasses.

Satisfied customers all over the world

Como mãe ocupada, este suporte é um salva-vidas! A instalação rápida significa que posso me concentrar no que mais importa - meus filhos. A utilização multifuncional é um bônus.

Isabella M.

Rio DE Janeiro, Brasil

In Bangalore traffic, this holder is a tech marvel! Retractable arms secure my phone, and the rearview mirror integration is genius. Sturdy, durable, and the multifunctional design is like a tech blessing. No more tech headaches while driving – love it!

Rajesh P.

Bangalore, India

This phone holder is a savior in the NYC hustle! The 360-degree rotation helped me navigate through the city streets seamlessly. Quick installation means I can focus on the skyline, not my phone. Perfect for any urban driver!

Maria R.

New York, USA

Frequent Questions

Installation is quick and easy! The holder is designed to be attached to the rearview mirror without the need for additional tools. Simply follow the instructions in the manual for a straightforward setup.

Yes, the holder features retractable arms to accommodate all sizes of mobile phones. Its versatile construction ensures compatibility with a wide range of models.

Absolutely! This holder is designed with a 360-degree rotation function, providing full flexibility to adjust your phone's angle as desired.

Yes, the holder is universal and suitable for all car models. Its construction is designed to seamlessly integrate with various rearview mirrors.


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